Home Loans and Mortgages

Looking to buy your first home or move home?

We will discuss your needs on an individual basis to ensure we find the right loan option for you.

We will compare the many loan options and loan features available for you to make your decision rewarding.

We will also work with you and make sure you borrow what you are comfortable to repay rather than what a lender will offer you.

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Investment Property Loans

Property investment is one of the most recognised forms of wealth creation.

Whether you are looking for a tax effective interest only loan for cash flow purposes, a conservative low rate investment loan or a review of your current investment loans, we can advise you on the many loan options currently available.

If required, we can also refer you to our specialist group partners for your accounting advice, financial planning advice or conveyancing needs. 

Refinance and Renovation Loans

Mortgage loans offered in the mortgage loan market continually evolve over time. This can result in your loan arrangements not remaining competitive over a period of time.

Most people are too time poor or unsure how to review the many loan options available. Factor1 Finance can research and review the best loan options for your individual circumstances.

We will also confirm interest savings available to you based on our comparison analysis and our recommendation in writing.

Are you looking to complete a renovation or even build a home?

We have many loan options available to suit every need and requirement.

Whether you need to borrow a new loan or have an additional requirement, we can advise on the best available loan option for you. We will also guide you through the construction process right up to the completion of your home.

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Commercial and Business Loans

Looking to purchase a commercial property or refinance an existing commercial loan?

The commercial loan market is now more competitive than ever before.

We have access to a range of lenders to review your current loan requirements.

If you would like to explore current loan options to review and reduce loan costs and repayments we can assist. We can also assist with Business loans, Working Capital loans and Car Finance. 

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